Charity Fundraiser:
'Unite as One'
World Dance Festival
Las Vegas Nevada USA

Coming Soon August 19/20 2022

InspireDANCE was established during the Pandemic in June 2020.  It was not the best of
times for the world but we became encouraged as we realize that we all need to Inspire each other.
InspireDANCE is bigger than we can possibly imagine. D A N C E...represents our Goal of Uniting Everyone and Inspiring each other in our Diversities, Achievements, Neighborhoods, Communities, and Education.

InspireDANCE was created through the inspiration of Founder and Ambassador, Julius Dutt. Born with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), Julius is an inspiration to others since a young child. One thing that motivated and inspired him was watching dance shows like America's Best Dance Crew and Hip Hop International. There are many children, young adults, and adults around the USA and the world who share his love of dance (especially hip hop and urban dancing). Our Grassroots Fundraising (100% Public Support) goal is to create an opportunity for a World Stage in Las Vegas Nevada for everyone to showcase their dancing skills. All proceeds from this Fundraiser will go towards paying costs/fees associated with the event as well as supporting participants who need assistance for travel expenses. It will always be a Festival to celebrate our Dancing Heroes through a Dancing Caravan of Love message. (The Festival 2022 will be organized within Covid-19 guidelines).

Many children, young adults have been impacted by the worldwide pandemic. InspireDance is about helping those who suffer from social/economic disadvantages, domestic abuse, mental health issues, depression, anxiety and helping them to get the care and help they need. We will also promote Education, our Neighborhoods and Communities by partnering with schools, community centers, dance studios and other public charities who share our Mission. We deeply appreciate everyone.  Thank you. 
InspireDANCE is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement
that creates opportunities and assistance for all individuals (who are socially/economically disadvantaged)
while inspiring them to keep faith and hope alive through human kindness.
InspireDANCE encourages Diversity, Achievements, Neighborhoods, Communities and Education.

Opening TBA

Coming Soon Festival 2022 Information (Tickets, Location and Final Dates) Beginning of 2022.

  • Date: 8/19/2022 06:00 PM
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada USA (Map)

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$ 100

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